Screens | A Clear View

Believing we can “do it all”, these days many of us hustle to the beat of a growing agenda. It’s unrealistic. The ‘Super People’ mentality overwhelms me. How about you? An array of media and images makes it seem possible, but it’s not. We often get caught up in a list of to-dos that simply draw our attention to the wrong things. Living thoughtfully and intentionally is tricky in our society.

Internet accountability takes time, energy, and diligence. Whether focused on self or others, we can’t be all-in with this until we get a clear view. Goals have to be realistic, and distractions limited. My family has entirely different needs, strengths, and weaknesses than yours…and vice verse. It’s time to focus, right where you are. It’s time for me, right where I am too.

Put on your boots, move the hair from your eyes, and look forward. You need a clear view to walk this road, — your road.

Self-control.It is the core of positive thinking andthe root of healthy living. We need self-control with our time, our thoughts, and our agendas. Self-control is the keystone for positive online behavior. Filters and other attempts to manage screens are only part of the solution. They are only effective with a willing and determined heart.

Internal moral judgement is critical to finding a strong way. Without reasoning and rationale for healthy online habits, how can we expect them to last?

Here are some questions to consider for our families. (Click on link below.)

In every home, no matter what makeup, screen use is a daily consideration. It’s not a one-time fix. Updates, downloads, and evolving opportunities make this an ongoing necessity. From fake news to psychologically-driven coding, we peruse feeds daringly. Careful evaluation is in high demand.

Let’s unite, as individuals, families, and friends, to use opportunity well and implore goodness at every angle.~