13 Conversations | Photos and Privacy

What is privacy worth today? “It listens to me anyway. And Alexa.” We laugh. “Big Brother knows everything, Haha” We don’t think twice anymore, most of us, am I right? I've noticed the change in my own life. Yet we put so much out there. Information, intimate moments, images we can’t take back. Emotions too. … Continue reading 13 Conversations | Photos and Privacy

Screens | A Clear View

Believing we can "do it all", these days many of us hustle to the beat of a growing agenda. It's unrealistic. The 'Super People' mentality overwhelms me. How about you? An array of media and images makes it seem possible, but it's not. We often get caught up in a list of to-dos that simply draw our attention to the wrong things. Living thoughtfully … Continue reading Screens | A Clear View