Social Media | Teenage Years


Afternoons in my home are crazy. Not like a bad crazy, but just constant. And I love it — as long as everyone is happy:) Tonight my kids went off to be with their dad for a bit. The sudden contrast, the instant silence, it left me feeling a little sad. The empty house gave me time to organize, and clean. But it was oddly unsatisfying. I was reminded that every moment is a gift, and I don’t want to take time for granted with the ones I love.

The value of relationship is becoming more clear these days. From personal wellness to social impact, we were made to connect and feel, designed to engage. There are sober cues every day. Stories of tragedy from around the world call for a wake up, advise us to be present and live intentionally. Social media has become less useful for venting, and more inspirational toward human kindness. Many of us are trading things for time, stuff for experience, adopting the minimalist’s perspective. What’s the point of it all, if we don’t have each other anyway?

Maybe the conversation about internet safety is hard to have. I get it. Talking with our tweens|teens can be tricky. But the stakes are high. And their path depends on clear insight. They need your attention and your time.

We’re here because we long for character in our homes, integrity online. If you’re looking for some conversation starters, check out the ones posted here on the blog.

Your influence is powerful. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Make the moment perfect.

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Together we thrive~