Modern Day Characters

Extraordinary lives make beautiful gifts for teaching. Lately, we’ve been learning a lot from the examples of two in particular, and my family has had some interesting conversations. Just turn on the tv…or don’t. — It wouldn’t necessarily make a difference. You hear people talking about them everywhere, our presidential candidates. I don’t remember it being so intense when I was young, but election interest seems to be on the rise with kids these days.


While November voting is fast approaching, something else calls for attention with the two candidates, regardless of who wins. Digital recordings have ball-and-chained each of them to negative actions from their pasts. Their choices have have been recorded, and accountability is pressing. It’s a perfect example of modern day character and consequence, and digital awareness.

I waiver upon airing the debates in my home. The behavior between grown-ups is hard to explain to my kids, and it’s embarrassing. Among the most innocent of it, why do they always interrupt each other? We’ve watched as the character of two potential presidents has been cross-examined by choices from their past. Digital trails have fossilized their past mistakes, and they are traceable, regardless of time. These are the kinds of examples that can segway to incredible conversation in our homes. Digital history is lasting for everyone, and it can be reviewed years from now. Whatever we do and say online leaves a trail.

So, I’m choosing to be thankful for the example of these modern day characters. I’m thankful because they’re leading me toward great conversation with my kids. Along with digital permanence, here’s a short list of what we’ve been talking about. I wonder what else I could add. Any ideas?

Character matters most when you think no one is watching.

Social Media spreads things like wild fire. Be careful what you post.

Live life like you’re being recorded. You never know who’s watching.

Being sneaky never leads to good things.

Who you are matters more to others than what you do.

Money can’t buy you everything.

Pride surely comes before a fall. Humility is honorable.