Words | Bullies | Courage

Yesterday my son told me about an incident at school. There’s this group of kids, 'the 5th grade “bullies'. The title is well-earned. They name-call, “stupid”, “b---ch”, , “gay”, etc., proclaim worthlessness of classmates, celebrate when words strike tears, and poke fun at authorities who intervene. Well my guy has had enough of it. He noticed a classmate caught in … Continue reading Words | Bullies | Courage

Intentionality with Social Media

  “Be intentional.” — What does that mean anyway? Purposeful, deliberate, pre-meditated, — they’re interchangeable. Sounds ideal, but how does it play out with technology? “Intention” is basically a fancy way of saying, “think about what you’re doing.” Like, ‘stop wasting time’, and ‘don’t do something you’re going to regret’. There are a lot of … Continue reading Intentionality with Social Media