Gaining Perspective | We Thrive Online

Hi there! It’s been awhile. Happy New Year + Hope all is well with you!

Our family moved across state this summer, and I took some time away from writing. It’s been quite a season of change! New community, new jobs, new schools.

Lately I’ve been asking myself, “Is social media the best way to stay connected, or do I actually feel more dis-connected with Instagram (and FB) these days?”

Being “real” about life and living. It’s not genuinely what we post. So I wonder how these feeds support friendship and relationships. What do you think? Definitely worth talking about, right?

I’m excited to press forward with We Thrive Online, and I’m gaining broader perspective. What began with motivation to navigate digital parenting has evolved into a greater idea. Parenting is just one piece of this puzzle, you know.

If you are new here, let me tell you a bit about how it began. I started this blog when, as a teacher, I had witnessed the effects of a student who was “slut-shamed” by her “ex-boyfriend” (5th grade!). It was devastating. Public humiliation provoked her young mind to a place of suicidal threat. (Did she even know that meant forever?)

It was really happening, these things I was hearing about. They weren’t just isolated events on world news television.

At the time, my own kids were just getting started with screens, and I felt urgency to understand where it would lead. “How could we protect them from mean people online” was my first motivation. And I quickly realized, there’s a lot more than “mean people” to shield in this.

Since then, I’m learning daily that the more I know, I have If you have kids, I’m sure you agree, many of us are ‘blind leading the blind’ here. They tend to understand technology a lot better than most of us ever will.

As parents, we don’t always know how to navigate, and we feel helpless. Things are changing too fast, and we feel like giving in, giving up, and pushing away boundaries. Not to be careless, but just the lines are confusing, for everyone. And emotionally draining. It’s really easy to feel defeated. I feel that way a lot.

But this is clearly not just dilemma for parents. FOMO, YOLO, physiological and psychological effects of what we consume. Vulnerability shows true for every generation, and every person in society. Virtue is the compass.

Moving forward, the conversation here expands. In parenting, in friendship, and every other role, I realize that influence begins within. Mine, and yours. Imperfect, but intentional, I want to do this well. Don’t you?

Thank you for joining here!

Together We Thrive! ~

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